Derek Sage

CEO, SOS Entertainment

“You won’t find many human beings like Erin in your lifetime. She is bright, organized and as professional as people twice her age. I had the pleasure of working along side Erin at various leadership conferences for several years. She consistently displayed high levels of communication, organization and leadership skills. Erin is action-driven and has a positive influence on anything she touches.” 

Tyler Durman

Speaker  + Writer, Tyler Durman Inc. 

“I have met thousands of student leaders over the years, and had the privilege of getting to know a number of them personally. I have rarely met anyone who impressed me as much as Erin. Five minutes in her presence and you will understand. She is not only impressive one on one, but I have seen her consistently take a mass audience of hundreds, and have them eating out of her hand instantly. The next time I need to hire someone, I know that my first call will be to Erin. Her integrity, poise, leadership skills, ability to teach and motivate, and how impressed I am with how articulate she is are all reasons I recommend Erin to anyone who wants to make a difference. She is simply, as good as it gets! I cannot wait to see how the world benefits because she is in it.” 

Susan Moerder

Advisory Committee, California Association of Student Leaders (CASL)

"I admire Erin for her ability to see the big picture, to focus on the details and to display a can-do attitude that is contagious. Erin has already made a difference to many younger students and she will definitely make a difference in the world as she continues to excel in her ability to create excitement in others and instill a desire to be successful in those she encounters.”