A Weekend in Houston, Texas

Although we didn't actually go to Super Bowl LI it sure felt like it. Here's to a great weekend with two of my favorite girl friends and to the Patriots - SUPER BOWL CHAMPS!


We drove from Dallas to Houston on a Friday. The car ride flew by thanks to the Lady Gang and Betches podcasts - we wouldn't have survived without them. Joelle is one of those people who you love to go on vacation with because she has the greatest ideas, and always is interested in being bougy. So, naturally, we had lunch at Bluejack National a new golf course in Montgomery, TX. This place is AMAZING. It is designed to a T and the amenities are beyond five star. If you're at all into golf, find a way to get here, you won't regret it!

About an hour later we were in HTX (I FINALLY figured out why there is an X - because TX is for Texas, duh.) After catching up and realizing it was like no time had gone by with the three of us, we were off to Ninfa's for dinner. This is a super cute Mexican spot with great Margaritas and Queso. There is typically a wait on weekend nights, but we were able to find a spot at the bar to wait for our table - not so bad. 

We decided to stay local to Reagan's apartment that night and headed to Anvil. This bar has the best vibes. It's easy to move around, the drinks are practically custom and completely crafted with care. As expected, Reagan brings the party wherever she goes and strikes up a game of What Are The Odds (some people say "Odds Are" - whatever - reference here). After multiple embarrassing encounters and actions, we decide to call it a night. This is where it all takes a turn for the... worse? No, it wasn't that bad because somehow we made retrieving Reagan's car from the tow lot hysterical. Though Reagan isn't too happy about the almost $300 she had to spend to rescue it. I think I may start her a Go Fund Me page to get that cash back... anyone interested in donating? PSA: DON'T PARK YOUR CAR IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD. IT WILL GET TOWED. Then you will spend 20 minutes driving to the sketchiest part of Houston, arguing with the men who took your car, and eventually giving your left arm to get the car back. We will chalk that one up to a loss. Thanks bottom feeders. 



Four hours of sleep. That's all it took to wake ready for brunch. Provisions had a phenomenal brunch. Bloody Mary's topped with all sorts of treats, mimosas, fantastic baked eggs, and awesome salmon bagel sandwiches. The vibes are trendy, and the bathroom has to be one of the coolest I've seen - definitely take a venture in there. 

After brunch we traveled downtown to Discovery Green. Disclaimer: this was where all the Super Bowl LI promotional events and things were happening. HOWEVER, this place is pretty cool without the Super Bowl pizazz so it's worth it to check out on a regular weekend. In the winter there is a ice skating rink, summer has a roller skating rink, and there are cute bistros and places to picnic. When you're done frolicking in the park, head over to happy hour at Hearsay on the Green. It is attached to the Embassy Suites Houston and very close to the Toyota Center if you're going to any events there. The happy hour has great prices on the cocktails and a few of the appetizers are on special as well. 

Dinner that night was at Tiny's No. 5 in Rice Village. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. The food is phenomenal. We split a bottle of wine, had fried green tomatoes to start, and had a sampler dinner of 4 different side dishes (two lemon thyme risottos, pomme frites, and crispy brussels with bearnaise). This is a weird thing we like to do... order all side dishes for dinner and act like it counts as a real meal. You should really try it sometime. It's revolutionary. Let me know how it goes. Dinner was finished with a warm fresh baked chocolate chip cookie (their house specialty) and it was GOOOOD. 

After dinner the evening took us downtown and back again. We started with Bovine and Barley - good drinks and cool vibes. This is definitely a place to mingle with locals. The people here are really fun. Next, we walked over to The Boulevardier/The Commoner to dance. Boy did we dance. When three girls are on a mission to tear up the D Floor you don't mess. Eventually it got really hot in there and we decided to venture to a new neighborhood. The Concrete Cowboy lured us in with the good crowd and great music. It also helped that we had friends here. Last stop was Kung Fu Saloon. This was where I fell in love with Reagan all over again. It began with dancing on Skee Ball tables, and ended with her having everyone's attention as she danced her white girl heart out. We like to play this game to see if we can skip the line and not pay the cover... we were 3/3 that night. Success. As we know, all great nights end with "Za" so thanks to Pink's Pizza and Brian's wallet, we feasted. 



I highly suggest beginning the day by driving through the Museum District and Rice University. It is a beautiful neighborhood and so different from any other city. After the drive, head to The Moonshiners for brunch. The moonshine mule is no joke so proceed with caution. After we brunched we headed back to The Concrete Cowboy to watch the Super Bowl. We joined Gronk Nation in celebrating the comeback champions, the New England Patriots. It was a day for the books and one we will never forget. Thank you Gordie Gronkowski for making our dreams come true and showering the bar with champagne.

The weekend ended with G. Gronk tagging along for our ride home to Dallas - that is for an hour before he decided he'd rather fly home for the celebration parade and jumped on a jet. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. We made a new friend, and got our favorite coffees paid for that morning.

Reagan Rylee thank you for hosting, and Jo, as always, thanks for saying yes to the adventures. I love you traveling soul sisters more than anything. Houston, there were no problems.