Top 5 Bars in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico That Aren't Squid Roe

This year, we were fortunate enough to spend the first seven days of 2017 in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Cabo is typically known for it's nightlife and welcoming culture. The locals are wonderful, the weather is perfect, and the possibilities are endless. People typically think of one famous bar when they think of Cabo - El Squid Roe. I am just as much a fan of Squid as any other tourist, but sometimes there are cooler options. See below for the list we crafted this year (in no particular order)... 

1. The Giggling Marlin

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This place is a CLASSIC. Their claim to fame is hanging you upside down, like a fish that someone just caught, and feeding you 3 shots (really it's more like fruit punch).  My parents have admitted to going here and being hung by their ankles in the 80's, so we know this place is doing something right... What we discovered this trip, was that The Marlin is so much more than just the bar that hangs you by your ankles. The entertainment is GREAT. The host is funny, and there's always people inside that are willing to make a fool of themselves, it is Cabo after all. This is a great spot to hit first before you want to get out there and dance! 

2. Pink Kitty

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This quickly became our favorite spot for welcoming in 2017 in style. HUGE DISCLAIMER: this place was pretty much empty when we were there... but, that was what we loved about it. We essentially had private servers, and the ENTIRE dance room to ourselves. This is a place that requires you to make your own fun, and boy did we do that. It's clean, and has cool decor - the staff was super nice, and the drinks were relatively cheap. By the second night, we even took over the DJ booth and had DJ CoCo on the tracks. This is the place to be if you love to shake your booty like a weirdo and have a good time with friends. 

3. La Vaquita

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Let's talk about their cow decor. Kind of odd, but we were kind of into it. This place has plenty of promoters on the sidewalk that will give you almost any drink special you mention (thanks Wildcat). There is a back area they open later in the night, and it creates a big dance floor that their DJ can keep moving into the wee hours of the morning. This bar has the most fresh air circulating, and makes it a great place to bust a move without breaking (too much of) a sweat. This bar is located next to the Pink Kitty and a few doors down from Mandala and Squid Roe, so it's a great addition to the "classic Cabo bar crawl". 

4. The Nowhere ¿Bar?

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Possibly one of the best spots for free drinks for ladies. It is owned by a couple from Texas (holler!) and has an American vibe for sure. The three nights that we ventured there, they were playing lots of 90's throwbacks, and they attracted a crowd who loved to dance. This is a great bar to start at, the drinks are cheap and the people watching is plentiful. It's also a highly recommended place for shy dancers... the dance floor is small enough you can hide, and the music is old enough that you can dance any way you'd like. 

5. Mandala

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Joelle's favorite, and boy should it be yours too. This is the club in Cabo that most closely resembles an American nightclub. The decor is sultry and the DJ spins the most fresh music. I should mention that this was the place in 2016 that began one heck of a night (shoutout Mexicats) therefore, I am mildly biased, and associate this place with good memories. BUT, I totally think you can have the same experience too. INSIDER TIP: If you get to Mango Deck during the day, and win one of their contests, often times the prize is bottle service at Mandala - holla! 

Honorable Mention:

Cabo Wabo Cantina 

This is the BEST place for anyone over 30 who feels uncomfortable in Cabo's nightlife. The past few times we went there they had a live band, and played plenty of throwback music. The drinks are a little pricier (still less than America, so chill), but the vibes are worth the price. We spent time here with the parents that came on the trip with us, and though they are cooler than most parents - ILY Mr. & Mrs. H - it was still the right fit for all of us. You can't beat a place that encourages mother/son dance routines. 

El Squid Roe 

There wouldn't be Cabo nightlife without Squid. Even though this post is about places other than El Squid Roe, I must mention the good times that can be had in Cabo's most iconic night club. First and foremost, this place will play the most classic Latino music, and will have PLENTY of people to watch as they attempt to dance as smoothly as the locals. Also, dancing on tables is totally kosher here. In fact, I'm pretty sure you can dance on anything elevated that you can stand on (which is totally against sorority rules). You should know, repeatedly going to Squid does make some people form a mild addiction to the atmosphere (Rookie)... so if you have a friend like that, make sure you know how to reel them in (again, thanks Wildcat). 

Cabo is THE MOST FUN location to head out to drink, dance, and enjoy every night. I can't wait to hear about your Cabo stories!