The Ultimate Guide to Small Town Idaho


Six girls decide to live in a home together but first, they venture to McCall, Idaho to kick off the year in style. Here's our adventure -


When you land in the Boise Airport and walk to baggage claim, do not fear, you've seen it all! It's a tiny airport but charms you from the moment you arrive. We stopped to grab a drink at the airport bar while we waited for the others to arrive, and for Tori (the Idaho native) to pick us up. The journey continued on the drive to McCall, ID. It's about a two hour drive to get to the small lake town in the mountains. McCall has a population of 2,900 and is one of the most charming small towns you'll ever be in. 

We headed to the Mile High Marina (I type this while sitting in my MHM t-shirt) for dinner and margaritas. The food is awesome, and the bartenders are friendly and give a healthy pour - maybe that's because we knew someone who worked there - but either way, highly recommended. For sunset, we turned into the most basic white girls and headed to the docks to take sunset pictures at the lake. 30 minutes later we resurfaced and were ready to kick off the first night of our vacation! Tori hooked it up big time and got us a pontoon boat to go night riding on Payette Lake. We listened to country music, drank margaritas, and had a great night together - it was the best start to the trip.



GOOOD MORNING! How about we all get on a bicycle and see if we can make it to breakfast? K. Sounds good thx. So, six girls, six bikes, and about two miles to breaky. Guess what? We made it to the McCall Pancake House ! They are famous for their massive cinnamon rolls and of course, pancakes. We ate more than we could imagine, and it was so good. The downside was biking back... but I guess that means we worked off some of the calories so - win, win. 

We packed up our things at the house and headed straight to the boat. The afternoon was filled with tubing, wake surfing, and sun bathing. There's really nothing better when you're on a beautiful lake. We headed back to the house before the sun went down because we had BIG plans for the evening. We were headed to Burgdorf Hot Springs ! Burgdorf was created in 1870 as a resort for the natural hot springs that are on the property. It is about a 40 min drive from McCall and there are cabins for rent for the evening. We were fortunate enough to rent "The Castle" and boy was the evening magical. 

The evening began with some serious team Nerts competition (reference HERE). This lead to multiple games of King's Cup, a journey to the hot springs, and some late night story telling. One must understand that the cabin we were in had a living area downstairs, and all of the beds were in one loft area upstairs. The bathroom was a short walk up the hill, and at night there was no lighting. All 6 of us decided to sleep in the beds congregated on the left hand corner of the room. Some of us are needy and can't sleep too far away form other people (Me, Tor, Katie). The decision to sleep close to each other was brilliant once the evening thunderstorm started. There's nothing worse than being in a remote campground that seems haunted, while its pitch black outside, pouring rain and thundering (some of you weirdos think that's exciting - I, on the other hand, do not). The thunderstorm had us in all sorts of weird spirits. Some put on headlamps and ventured out to the bathrooms, some cuddled with who was next to them, some quoted bible verses, and one, was sound asleep (we had to check that she was breathing). All in all, we survived and it was an exciting night. 



That morning we packed up, and loaded into the back of the pickup (because that's legal in Idaho). We wanted to do the most Idahoian thing we could think of while visiting - hike to pick huckleberries... so we pulled over on the side of the dirt road to hike to find these little gems. 45 minutes, two injuries and countless scrapes to the legs later we were huckleberry-less and still joyful. That Idaho bug just gets ya, and you feel good! 

We recovered, showered, and headed out to dinner and drinks at Shore Lodge for sunset. The price tag on dinner and drinks is a bit of a splurge, but it's worth it for the view and the vibes. For sunset, grab your wine and head down to the docks to check out the boats. As you stand on the water, you'll be reminded of how wonderful and beautiful of a world it is that we live in. After dinner, head over to their s'more pit. It is fully stocked and has an abundance of adirondack chairs for your cozy pleasure. 

If you're feelin' frisky after dinner and drinks, head over to The Yacht Club on Lake Street. The drinks are cheap, and the music is FUN. Our dear Katie (or Crystal Cougar, as we've deemed her) danced to her pretty girl rock and stole the dance floor. We all agree that her hips don't lie (even when she and Tor are on the karaoke stage). Mika made friends easily with the Yacht Club staff, and will always be remembered there. Naturally, Britt, Cate, Tor and I were extremely well behaved and did nothing wild all night. 

One of the awesome things about McCall is that after a night out, it's simple to walk home. McCall is equipped with these green flags for when a pedestrian is crossing the street (for more info please reference HERE). These green flags also made great dancing props and allow for great fun on the walk home. 

The next morning we packed our things and traveled back to Boise to catch our plane ride home. There's an incredible video that Catherine Wood put together of our travels - subscribe to the blog to have it directly sent to you ;)


Here's to the Trinity Bay Trolls - I will always love you and your kind souls. Britt, Cate, Katie, Mika and Tor thanks for the legendary trip that bonded us forever.