Why Cruises Aren't Just for the Elderly

1. You Can Ball on a Budget

Royal Caribbean is the best cruise line out there. The amenities are top notch, and the staff is always phenomenal. They are CONSTANTLY running specials. Last year, we booked in September for a March week long cruise and were able to get 50% off because of the promotion they were running. We had to take an older boat (6 years old instead of brand new) and we departed from Puerto Rico, but we saved a ton of money and it gave us an excuse to tack on a few days in Miami before.

2. See More with Less Stress

This is the biggest perk. In 7 days you can see up to 5 different countries. One of the routes we took stopped in St. Thomas, St. Croix, Antigua, St. Lucia and Grenada – and all for a full day. It was great to see the different cultures, climates, and landscapes. If you were to fly in and out of these places it would take all of your money and all of your effort (some don’t have commercial airports or airports at all). Plus, if you’re unsure what the best adventures are when you’re in a new country, the cruise ship’s concierge service can recommend activities, and companies they know to be safe and affordable.

3. The Alcohol Package

Really this is why we come. JK. Kind of. For anywhere from $50-$70 a day you can have UNLIMITED ALCOHOL. Each of those fruity frozen drinks you’ll be sipping on is about $12-$15 a piece, so as long as you drink 5, you’ve made the whole day worth it. The package includes the majority of their wine and beer selection as well, which when you get to dinner, (we talk more about that below) becomes ideal. You receive 50% off of bottles of wine, so you could even be the sugar mama (or daddy) for your table and supply everyone with libations.

4. Dinner Seating Arrangements - Making Friends

Here’s where you need to put a smile on your face and be friendly. Royal Caribbean also acts as a matchmaking agency, and puts you at a dinner table with other cruisers who have similar things in common with you. For example, last cruise my traveling soul sister and I were placed at a table with four other girls traveling in pairs. Talk about single girls table. In this case that was a good thing… we bonded with two of the girls, Alexis and Morgan – forever the best cruising ladies there are. We decided to get drinks with the girls after our first dinner and from then on the week went swimmingly! It’s nice to have friends in such a small place.

5. The Food ... and I'm Not Talking Buffet

Food – Because that’s the only real reason anyone goes on vacation, to eat and drink well. Dinner on these ships is AMAZING, and the best part is you can order as much as you want... it’s all included. I don’t say this in like a binge eat kind of a way, I say this because typically the menu is quite refined. They have options that you probably haven’t ever heard of before. That’s where ordering as much as you’d like comes in clutch. You can try all the fancy things you’d never otherwise try. Have a bit of the Escargot or the Fragua but then decide you like the Veal better? No problem, it’s all included, and it’s all good!

I'm telling you, if you're looking to see a lot of places on a budget while having the time of your life... holler at Royal Caribbean.