Four Ways to Find Cheaper Airfare

1. Fly Midweek

It seems that flying on a Tuesday or Wednesday means lower cost. This isn't ideal for folks who work, but if you are planning on a vacation, maybe think about traveling Wednesday or Thursday through Tuesday. Flying midweek typically means less congestion at the airports as well which is always a plus.

2. Purchase Your Flights on a Tuesday or Wednesday 

For some reason flights seem to decrease in price when you search for them on a Tuesday when compared to a Saturday. Don't believe me? Check out flights to your dream destination today, and then check again this coming Tuesday... $10 dollars says the rate is lower when you look Tuesday. Insider secret... it seems like this trick may work for hotel rates as well. 

3. Get an Airline or Travel Credit Card

Capital One has some great travel perks when you use their card. With the venture card there are no blackout dates to use your points, and no international travel fees. Alaska Airlines offers a $100 companion pass for card holders once a year. This means anywhere you're flying, someone can come with you for just $100. Southwest Airlines' card gives card holders easy access to points, free drink coupons, and as always, they have great customer service. American Airlines card gives access to their Admirals Club, as well as a complimentary checked bag. It is best to see which airline flies to the places most often that you'd like to visit. See what that airline's loyalty program entails or what their credit card has to offer. Say it with me - if it's for free it's for me - and using travel points is essentially getting your flight for free!

4. Use the Fare Calendar

Alaska Airlines and Southwest Airlines both have this handy little tool. It allows you to search flight pricing month to month. If you have flexible travel dates, this feature is awesome. I like to see what days are the least expensive, and then compare that pricing with Expedia to decide which airline is the best to fly for that specific trip I'm planning.

Regardless of where you're traveling, it's always a good idea to check different options for airlines, travel days, and airports to make sure you're getting the best return on your travel investment.