A Weekend in Seattle, Washington

In honor of a podcast being in the works... Here's the adventure that sparked it all!


Flying to Seattle is EASY. Southwest has direct flights that are inexpensive, and their airport is a breeze. We flew in and immediately got to work. We dropped off our things at the hotel.. we stayed at the Courtyard Marriott on Lake Union. I completely believe everyone has a loyalty to a certain airline and hotel (you totally know what I mean) I'm 100% a Marriott girl - shoutout to my LDS friends - but they just never fail you! The price is right at this place, average is $140 a night and between the three of us that was right on budget. It was a few minutes from the happenings of Seattle, but we had a marina view, and Uber is CHEAP so we were not about to complain. 

First stop after settling in was Pike Place Market - like duh. This place is better than anyone can ever explain to you. The vibes are fresh and fun and the best time to go is on a weekday morning. We schmoozed with the cute men who work at the Pike Place Fish Market and they allowed us to partake in the fish throwing. That's a life experience Reagan will never forget. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. The people who display their goods in Pike Place are so talented, the flowers are beautiful and everyone seems to be in a good mood. It's a great way to kick off the vacation. 

After you're done perusing the market, head across the street to the Original Starbucks location. This place is cool whether you love Starbys or not. They have special exclusive coffee brews, and the environment is electric. 

After roaming the market and sipping on your basic white girl soy latte, you have to head to the gift shop across the street to grab some bubble gum. Why bubble gum you ask? Well my friend, you'll be chewing it and taking some trendy pics before you stick it on the alley wall like all the other transients that visit Seattle. The Bubble Gum Alley is a classic staple, and it's hard to experience something like this anywhere else. The alley is covered in people's gum creations, and it's a literal way to leave your mark (and DNA) in Seattle. 

We ventured down toward the water and discovered Pike Street Press. It's a cute little shop with original prints and decor for your home. The cards are special, so make sure you stock up for all the birthdays, baby showers, and weddings to come! #notsponsored

Grab an Uber and head down to the Original Nordstrom Location. This is their biggest store and full of history - not to mention it's amazing shopping because the selection is unparalleled. Nordstrom originally was founded as a shoe company and then became a department store in the 1960's and this was the location that housed it all! (I wrote a 48 page company analysis on Nordstrom so don't even get me started - but Nordy's holler if you're hiring!) Anyways, this place is great, and if you love Nordstrom or love to shop you must see this monstrous palace. 

That night, after refreshing at the hotel and heading out for dinner we found ourselves in Capitol Hill. This night was FUN. First stop was the Unicorn Bar. Prepare to break your diet rules here people because the menu is to die for and not fat free. We indulged in the Pop-icorn basket, Narwhal balls, Mac and Cheese, and Tots (no judgements please).

After we ate our weight, we headed to R Place - the local hot spot to watch RuPaul's Drag Race (something we knew nothing about, but sounded fun). This place is amazing. It is the ultimate and the prettiest Drag Queens we ever did see commented on RuPaul's Drag Race, which is a TV show, in the best way. We had a night. 



Rise and shine! Time to head to The Fremont Troll ! Yep, you heard me... we love the phrase too, so of course had to have a photoshoot on the statue which sits under a Seattle overpass. I'll be honest, this is pretty much the only exciting thing in the neighborhood, so you'll want to have a plan as to what to do next! Luckily we did...

Next stop was Gas Works Park - it is an old gasification plant that closed in the mid 1950's. The park has been touched by the Seattle artistic scene and is a popular destination for outdoor workouts, or tourists looking for a cool view of the city. Either way it's a unique place and you can find some older ladies out on a walk to take your pictures (I know that because we did that). 

We journeyed to the University of Washington to check out the campus and see the neighborhoods with the Cherry Blossom trees. The campus is BEAUTIFUL and I'm sure if you try hard enough you could meet someone who's really going to be someone some day....now that's quite a sentence. After you scope yourself a husband or new friend head out into the local neighborhoods. The homes are different from anything you'll ever see, and the streets are quiet and charming.

For dinner that night we walked from our hotel to I Love Sushi on Lake Union. Not that this is the most "Seattley" thing to do, but sometimes you need a simple night to regroup. In this case we met an old friend of mine for dinner and dear sweet Jason was the best addition to the team. He took us out to a local spot of his after dinner and we called it a night early - Thanks for the hospitality J!



Grab that morning cup of joe and head to Seattle's Great Ferris Wheel. It's only $14 and worth every penny. The wheel revolves about three times, and provides you with unparalleled views of the city and it's outer islands. It was in this small little bubble a million feet about the sea (terrified of heights over here) that we decided to take the ferry to Bainbridge Island. 

The ferry runs fairly often, and is only a short 35 minute ride to Bainbridge Island. The island is exciting to explore, and small enough to adventure around on foot. We shopped and moseyed in and out of the small stores and eventually found ourselves having dinner at The Harbour Public House. Again, we ate non-diet friendly with Fish and Chips and Poutine - but man it was good. This place gets busy around happy hour and is relatively small so make sure you're willing to grab a drink and wait if you're set on eating here. After dinner we sat out on the back patio with a cozy fire pit, a view of the marina, and some good Moscow Mules. 

After taking the ferry ride back, we took an Uber to the Knee High Stocking Company. A classic 1920's speakeasy where there is no sign hanging out front and you must ring a doorbell to be welcomed in by a staff member. After you enter you're greeted with a dimly lit room with swanky decor and plush seating. The bar is small, but creates craft cocktails that pack a punch (hellooo Absinthe). This is a great place to end the night, and recap your vacation while laughing endlessly. 

The next morning we headed to the Amtrak train station to take the train to Vancouver, BC (shoutout Joelle for buying the tickets - our sugar mama).  After we got our luggage checked in, and we had boarding passes in hand, we realized they said Vancouver, Washington (shoutout Joelle for that one too - lolz). For those of you not so good with geography, these places are 307 miles apart and in different countries, but have the same name - and somehow we didn't notice. Cue three girls scrambling to get the luggage back, renting a car last minute, and driving Thelma and Louise style (plus one) to Canada! Stay tuned for the Canadian travel highlights!

To Joey and Reagan Rylee - my all time favorite Three Way Traveling Soul Sisters - thank you for always bringing life to the next adventure. I wouldn't want to meet random people in random cities with anyone else. I love you both.